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Shibori Stitched Circles

Deep Into Indigo Retreat Prep

Stitching techniques can take the most time, especially the intricate, detailed patterns that can totally blow our minds with their loveliness.

There’s nothing wrong with a little simplicity, though.  I recently bought a little (just about 100 yards -hee hee) muslin for our Deep Into Indigo 2019 retreats and wanted to test it out.


Muslin is a little tightly woven and sometimes that makes it harder to really see the details of stitching but, I’m thinking, this fabric works.

I traced the bottom of a coffee mug using a washable marker and just did a running stitch around the circle.  I love how the circles look clean but when you look up close, you can see where the fabric caused a little more resist.  It adds so much depth.


Every white spot is where a needle went in or out of the fabric, so you can see that I made pretty big stitches.  Then I pulled them up tightly and tied a tight knot.  I wish I had taken picture of the process but I didn’t think of it.  I’ll do it next time.


Here’s the back of the fabric.  On the back, the inside of the circle is lighter because of the – again – resist caused by the fabric.  This is rarely my favorite side but that’s just my personal taste.  It does show even more depth when you look up close.





I dipped this piece in my indigo/fructose vat just three times. The vat had been revived a few times over several months as well, which makes it tend towards a medium blue.  I love all of the variables that makes indigo so changeable.



I’ve got a couple more pictures of muslin dyed in this session.  I’ll share them here and talk in more detail about he other stitched one in a future post.


Got questions?  Ask ’em!  I love talking indigo and shibori!

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