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I’m in! Where do I sign up?

So excited you’re interested!  We are making our plans for 2020.  For updates, please share your contact info here: [mc4wp_form id=”4168″].

Be sure to check the FAQs in our drop down menu for more details.

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And what’s it all about?

Dyeing with indigo, playing with Shibori and batik pattern-making with fabric and paper, hanging out, eating well and getting to make beautiful stuff with your hands. Open-ended creativity with lots of time, and friendship!

Ok.  So what’s the Retreat going to be like?

On Saturday morning, everyone will arrive! We will have a beautiful breakfast available for you, including copious amounts of coffee & tea.  After you’re settled in, Jen will do a brief dyeing introduction and talk a bit about how to build an indigo vat. If you’re one of our returning retreatants, you can choose where you would like to begin the day–with fabric preparation or you can head directly out to the dye space to put items you’ve brought already prepared into the dye vats. You are free to ask for as much help and instruction as you need.

As per usual, drinks and snacks will be available at all times during during both days. We will lunch around 1:00pm each day. On Saturday night, we will have a cocktail hour with appetizers followed by a sit down dinner around 7:00pm. All the meals at Deep Into Indigo Retreat are gluten & vegetarian sensitive.

Our vibe during retreats is relaxed and we give you lots of room to decide what you’re up for doing. If you decide that all you’d like is to sit in a comfy chair and peruse the great books and materials Jen will bring along, you are more than welcome to do that. If you want to be in the dye space by yourself til 1:00am, you can do that.  We want this to be YOUR retreat to do with as you see fit. We trust you to know what is best for you! But, we are here to help in any way we can to make the weekend special.

We will work on our projects, breaking for snacks and drinks as needed, until dinner.  

Sunday morning coffee will be available at 7:00am, and breakfast available at 8:00am. Again, you can jump in and begin your work as you like.

Wait…When and where is this retreat again?

Our retreat this year will be held just outside of Madison, WI, in nearby Cross Plains.  We’ll send you the address and directions along with your retreat confirmation. Look down below for more details about the venue itself.

You can arrive as early as 8:00am on Saturday July 13, 2019 for the retreat to begin. If you’re staying overnight, we will get you settled in your room and then we will jump right in to our activities in whatever way is most comfortable for you.  If you are attending the retreat on a day pass, you can come both days and can arrive whenever you’re up and going on Sunday.   The retreat officially ends Sunday, July 13, 2019 at 3:00pm.

What is the retreat center like?

We feel so fortunate to have found another unique venue for our summer event this!  It’s a delightful, unique location which gives you the feeling of being far out in the country, even though you are just 25 minutes from downtown Madison. This venue is actually home to a community-supported agriculture farm in Dane County. The house is an updated traditional Wisconsin farmhouse with many charming appointments; it’s on 30 acres and has several outbuildings, one of which we will be using to set up our dye space. What really sold us on the space though, is the beautiful BLUE BARN!  We just couldn’t resist that!

At this beautifully updated farm house, there is room for up to 6 people to stay overnight. There is one full bath (which is large) and a powder room on the main floor.  The venue has laundry facilities for preparing fabric. Our dye space will be in an outbuilding on the farm which just behind this lovely farm house.


‘Sup with the food?

So glad you asked!  Not to worry, Jennifer will not be cooking!  The very talented and amazing foodie extraordinaire Jenina Mella is going to make all of our meals.  Every dish will be as locally produced as we can manage.

Those of us who attending the 2017 Deep Into Indigo Retreat are still dreaming about her watermelon salad. For Jen, the highlight of 2018 was the hand made granola and that lunch on Sunday.  She never wanted it to end.

For those with special dietary needs, the food will be gluten sensitive, meaning that most dishes won’t have gluten. There will be gluten in the kitchen. The food will also be vegetarian friendly.  That means that there will be meat, but it will be easy to avoid.

If your dietary needs are more specific, feel free to please bring along your own food.  We don’t offer any discounts on the retreat price should you want to provide your own food. Let us know ahead of time if you are bringing food, so we can make sure there’s room in the fridge.

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