Deep Into Indigo Retreat

About us

Hey, I’m Jen

I’m a textile artist who loves to dye fabric with indigo using shibori, batik and other resist techniques. I dye clothes, fabric and accessories and sell them around Madison. My greatest joy is teaching people how to play with pattern design, and to introduce them to the magic of dyeing with indigo.

Through indigo, I help people who are looking for a way to add more creativity and play to their days.
I show them how to have more creative fun, while sprinkling in a little play time…maybe a lot. My work and passion are to be an antidote to the “Fear of Making”. I do this work out of a deeply-held conviction that the act of creating something out of nothing feeds our soul and self-worth, and is just plain fun!

I’ve been sharing my love of indigo dye since 2013. I’ve taught really anywhere anyone will let me, including Olbrich Gardens, Blue Bar Quilts, The Electric Needle, Millhouse Quilts, and privately.

I feel so crazy lucky to be able to offer Deep Into Indigo Retreats with my good friend Jenina Mella. It’s like no other class experience you’ve ever had.  We offer amazing food, wine, friendship and indigo dye resources crafted to allow you to free your inner creative spirit.

Before focusing in on fabric dyeing, I founded and ran the super-popular Fearless Crafters Program at the Monona Library and taught all sorts of creative classes at the American Family Dream Bank, in a few local library systems, and privately.

When I’m not enabling your creativity or dyeing, painting, doodling or writing on my own projects, I can be found hanging with my kinda grownup kids, husband, and our little bitty rescue dog Gus. We love to host outdoor movies nights in our back yard and travel to visit our family who live in warm places by oceans.

You’ll know me when you see me, I’m the one who is always wearing blue and probably telling dirty jokes.

Sometimes, all people need is the right encouragement. That’s where we come in.

Hi There! I’m Jenina. Lovely meeting you!

About Me:

Deep Into Indigo event planner, hostess, & chef extraordinaire
Food Tour Guide/Life-Long Foodie
Seeker and creator of beauty
Sewing enthusiast; Lover of color

I live for inviting people in. I don’t need a particular reason–it could be a celebration or not. It’s a little gift of words with a secret toy surprise inside–fun, connection, conversation.  What I most look forward to is seeing a little sparkle in the eyes of a person when they’re invited to join in with others. I love gifting them with that lovely sense of being included. I always picture myself putting an arm around their shoulders and guiding them to my table to share a meal, a craft, and a conversation. Hosting is as natural to me as breathing.

Right now we are asking people to share their interest in Retreating with us:

Stay in the loop, we are making BIG fun plans.

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Gathering together to share the experience of making things is one of the most powerful drivers of connection, I think.  I’m a believer in the power of making and creating to connect us to ourselves and each other. There is no more sensual or sensory experience than putting our hands on our work and passing it on to go out in the world—this is a deep, ancient and magical human impulse.  It’s a particularly special experience when I can share this with other  women.

That is my “why” for Deep Into Indigo. Providing enriching, nurturing, carefully-curated creative experiences for women.

You’re invited!